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Snakes in Sri Lanka
There are 98 Snakes species found in Sri Lanka (Somaweera R. Check list of snakes in Sri Lanka as at January 2007). Among them 45 species are endemic to Sri Lanka. They are categorized in to 10 Families.


Snake venom

Even though there is vast number of snake species found in Sri Lanka, most of them are non venomous. So there is only few species of snakes which is medically imported. The snakes can
categorize in to 4 groups according to their venom.

Highly venomous snakes
Moderately venomous snakes
Mildly venomous snakes
Non venomous snakes

Highly Venomous Snakes

According to the venomous state there are 6 species of highly venomous snakes on Sri Lanka. But there are only 5 species which have ability to attack to humans. The coral snakes aren’t having ability to attack to humans.

  1. Common Indian Krait
  2. Sri Lankan Krait
  3. Indian Cobra
  4. Russell ’s Viper
  5. Saw Scaled Viper
  6. Sri Lankan Coral Snake

Common Indian Krait (Bungarus caeruleus)

Belongs to the family elapidae. Common Indian Krait is the most venomous snake on Sri Lanka. Widely spread through the dry zone. Nocturnal. Enlarged hexagonal vertebral scale makes easy to identify. The Wight rings on the body disappear with age. The rings are unpaired. Venom is a neurotoxin and cause neuromuscular paralysis.
Results a breathing difficulties, myalgia, changing sensorium, consciousness reduces, Brain death. Clinical signs and symptoms also includes abdominal pain, double vision, ptosis, autonomic failure, hypercalemiea.

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