Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to reduce oiliness of your face?

How to reduce oiliness of your face
In some people their faces can be very oily. In teenagers this can be quite troublesome to them psychologically. So they keep on washing their faces and applying lotion. But this doesn’t help. Skin is different from one person to another and skin reacts in various ways to different chemicals. Coming back to our previous question “How to reduce oiliness of your face?” washing your face can temporarily reduce oiliness. But in long-term drying the skin in that way stimulates you sebaceous glands and produce more and more sebum which makes your skin oily. There is one solution for this. Wash you face and then apply oil free water based moisturizer. This will retain moisture helps to reduce oiliness. Make sure not to scrub your face too hard. If none of this helps you can meet a qualified dermatologist take advice. I think this is the best option rather than using over the counter prescriptions?